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You Better Believe Jesus Arose

The old song says “Up from the Grave He Arose, With a Mighty Triumph Orr His Foes.” Brother and Sister, you better believe this with all your heart. Unless you’re lying to yourself, you know full well you’re a sinner and have done many things in your body in your life that deserves death. Mankind is without excuse says Romans 1:20, so I guess that doesn’t let you atheist or agnostics off the hook either. Just because you don’t believe, doesn’t make it not true. I suggest you get a grip and real soon because the end of the age is fast approaching and you might be smelling that singe as you standing too close to the fire if you get my meaning and I know you do.

For all of you that need a simple course in Jesus 101, I suggest you pay attention. You wouldn’t be even looking here unless you have some concerns about your soul (other than my faithful readers from all over the world who read my blogs) Ok, so here’s the deal in black and white, pulling no punches dude. The truth is unless you believe in your heart (not your intellectual, philosophical, but what about this and what about that always making excuses brain) that Jesus is the one and only Son of God, that he actually did come to earth in the form of man and live and then shed His blood for your sins, and then God really, really, did raise Him from the dead, (believing with your whole heart mind you) your goose is just as good as cooked and I don’t mean for supper. You better spend some of that money you usually spend for other things and buy a Bible that you can understand and actually look up some passages like Romans 10:9,10 and see what being forgiven and saved really means. Or since you could be more of the lazy type or should I say nerd type or not internet app challenged, Google “Blue Letter Bible” and download it to your puter, iphone, ipad, or android and spend a little time on your soul, instead of watching the next Netflix to keep yourself from being bored. In case you’re wondering, BLB is free.

Now, having said all that, let’s go on a little further. I understand you may have some college or perhaps even degrees for some of the wonderful humanistic self serving shoot the bull college or university and in your mind you think you just all that. The real problem is instead of using that wonderful brain God gave you for studying His word to at least get some sort of knowledge of His nature, you’ve wasted a lot of your time doing who knows what.  The bottom line is this and let this be burned in your memory and heart like a good tattoo, Jesus said this profound statement “the wind blows and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from, or where it is going; so is everyone who is born of Spirit, and you must be born again or you will not enter into the kingdom of God.”

Well, well, that leaves you with a decision of a lifetime. Since you’re so well educated and smart, you know, yep you know, if you’re born of the Spirit of God. You can pretend and play all the worlds games all you want and fool your friends and co-workers and even your roommates or your family, but you can’t fool God and you know what? You know if you’re fooling yourself! Maybe you even sneak into a church once in a while on Easter Sunday but in today’s lingo “it is what it is” or “at the end of the day” you know if you’re still a broken down peace of humanity or if you’re full of love and peace and know where you will spend eternity. I bet the Holy Spirit is convicting some of you reading this right now, you better hope so if you’re not right with God. For someone, this is your last, final and only shot at receiving the Glorious Grace God provided through His Son Jesus, so don’t take it too lightly.

What is salvation and eternal life? Knowing Jesus as Lord and God who sent Him. Having a relationship with Jesus and God the Father. Jesus will tell millions on that judgment day “depart from me, I never knew you” God loves you so much and sent Jesus to pay the price for your sins in full. To be born again and get to know Jesus and God the Father is simple as there is salvation in no one else: for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12) Lots of people who call themselves Christians who are not born again and will be shocked at death. Church attendance or being baptized won’t save anyone. Being good (ha-ha like you really could) won’t earn your way to heaven. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash your sins away. It does not matter the degree of sins you have committed, or how many, what matters is if you will sincerely from your heart say “Father in heaven, I am a sinner, forgive me and wash me clean with the blood of Jesus Christ, I believe Jesus is Lord and you raised Him from the dead and say it out loud to God” And repent (turn away) from the bad parts of your lifestyle that you have been living.  Do it now while there is still time, forget about what people will think who cares? If you prayed that prayer you’re born again. You see you don’t just escape hell but you gain eternal life. That’s like forever and ever. Everyone knows if they are born again of the Spirit of God. For it’s by Grace that you’re saved through Faith and God gave them both to you, the grace and the faith. Now after your born again you should be baptized in water as Jesus commanded. He doesn’t care if it’s at a church or your backyard swimming pool or a river or lake, just do it. Remember you’re getting baptized because you’re saved Not to be saved. That can only happen from your heart in faith.

If you don’t know much about the bible, I have written over 40 blogs that cover many subjects and I’m sure many will witness to your spirit and help you, so read them. But most importantly, talk to God daily, read the bible and learn of Jesus. He says come learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest unto your soul. Jesus loves you so much, never forget that, ever, and so do I.

You better believe Jesus rose from the dead, you soul depends on it………Happy Easter….

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