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Are You Afraid to Die?

You’re in bed sleeping with your spouse and all the sudden you hear sounds that are not normal. The noise gets louder and as you wake up, you turn and look towards the door. A dark figure appears with a ski mask and you see a gunman who points a pistol right at your face and cocks the hammer saying to you,” good bye.” In a flash your heart races with a pounding sensation and makes you feel like it will jump out of your chest. Your entire life flashes in a second across your mind. Fear grips your entire being, this is it and you know it…..

It was a bright sunny day when you and your friend were driving along the highway, laughing, talking and listening to music. “The traffic seems to be a little heavy today” you say out loud and sure enough, road work ahead signs start to appear, so you begin to slow down a little. You notice the lanes are cut down from four lanes to only two lanes just ahead, but no one seems to be slowing down that much. So many trucks on the road make it hard to see up ahead, but still, you press on. Finally, the space between vehicles spread out so you start to feel better.  A song you like comes up playing on your CD so you reach over to turn up the volume. When you look up again you have veered over into the other lane and all you see is a huge truck coming straight at you at ten yards away, you have no time to react, your life will end in two seconds……

You can hardly wait to board the plane since you’ve been planning this trip for so long. Getting away from the hard grind at work into a relaxing atmosphere for a few days is just what you need. You plan on raising a little hell since no one knows you where you’re going, and letting you hair down and just having a little adult fun as you call it, is just what the doctor ordered. Smiling, you and your companion board the plane and in no time, you’re first in line to take off. The jet engines roar and moving swiftly down the runway, the pilot pulls back on the throttle lifting a hundred eighty five people into the air. You saved a bundle flying this red eye and looking out the windows, you gaze upon the pretty lights of the cities down below.  Bring on the drinks you yell out, smiling to the flight attendant who quickly answers your call. Over the loud speaker, the pilot announces you have to return to the airport as there is some technical problem but it will be alright. You are only 15 thousand feet up as you just took off minutes ago. As fast as you can blink your eye, the plane looses all engines and begins to drop like a rock, losing cabin pressure, the yellow masks drop quickly but the G-force makes it impossible to move. In a steep dive with everyone screaming, the plane is five seconds from crashing headlong into the ground. Your fun is over before it began, you look over at your companion, and eternity awaits you in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

That was a great meal, but you sure did stuff yourself. Now, you go plop down on the sofa and turn on the television looking for a good movie to watch as you drink your coffee and munch on that chocolate cake for dessert. Little sharp pains start streaking through your chest as you say to yourself, “I must have indigestion.” The pain begins to come in little waves like an earthquake rolling over the plains, and now you begin to start worrying a little. You stand up to go get some anti-acid tablets thinking this must be heartburn. As you take a step, suddenly you feel dizzy, the chest pain explodes in your chest, things grow dark and you’re slipping away fast, never to return. Within the hour, they will pronounce you dead……

Several times in the lives of the people in the stories above, the opportunity to be born again and know God, being saved by faith in Jesus Christ and His blood, shed for the sins of mankind was presented in some form or another. The people in the first story had their chance by attending church on occasion in their lives. However; this brought no salvation because the true desire to know God was not there, so they just continued along in life, without the knowledge of the great love that God has for them. In the end they lost out on living for eternity with the Creator. Instead of studying for themselves the things the pastors or priest said, their laziness of scripture study became their lack of faith and their doom. It didn’t have to end this way.

For the second group above, the opportunity to be saved came from numerous friends and family who witnessed to them over their lives, telling them of the great love of God sending His very own Son to die in our place, to receive the punishment on Himself that we as sinners most certainly deserve. Rejecting their conversations and rejecting the free gift of salvation  continued throughout their life because the love of the world and so many things to do first held their heart and the lie of the enemy telling them that one day they could be saved at the end of their life, but not just today. Unfortunately, time ran out too quickly, and the opportunity was lost forever. Now, the darkness of hell will be their habitat with no escape for eternity. It didn’t have to end this way.

The third group above had their opportunity several times as well through the forms of the media. They saw several movies in their life depicting the lives of those written in the Bible. The story of Jesus was presented many times to them in many forms whether it was the prophets telling of the coming Christ to save the world from their sins in movies like the Ten Commandments or movies showing the life of Jesus in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Stumbling on Christian Television programs on occasion also reached out to their hearts to be saved, but they just marked it up to fables and preachers wanting their money. Even though many times on the internet they stumbled across something spiritual and watched YouTube videos of healing services and mass salvations taking place. Still, no calling out to God, no studying to see for themselves ever happened. Surely, the gospel wasn’t this simple. Even though they felt a “tug” on their hearts, they rejected it. Now, being in torment in the lake of fire for all time is the sad and final place where there is no rest or escape. It didn’t have to end this way.

The man in the last story had all of the opportunities of the people above, but his heart was wicked and he enjoyed all his sin and money and things that this world has to offer. He loved the women and the sex, even though it was cheating on his wife. He loved all the money he made, even though most of it was made by crafty methods of stealing and hurting others. He loved the notoriety he obtained, although it was a fake worldly self serving notoriety that the world gives until you are in dire straits and in trouble and no longer have money to flaunt. This man was transferred to the kingdom of darkness for eternity where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the pain is unbearable and never ends. It didn’t have to end this way.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Only Begotten Son of God that we just celebrated is the reason we should never, ever, fear death. If you believe in your heart not just your mind as Romans 10:9, 10 says, it results in righteousness. It results in forgiveness of all sins past, present and future. Stupid doctrines and legalistic churches and unbelieving people say and think that our Father God in heaven will rip your salvation away from you if you sin or are in a backslidden state. Wrong, wrong, wrong, a thousand times wrong! If you walk in the flesh and not in the Spirit, you will die, NOT lose your salvation! (You walk in the flesh because you don’t get it, you don’t understand God’s tremendous love for you and the price that was paid) You walk in the flesh because you let the enemy temp you with all the things of the world and you give in) Now I am talking about someone who with all their heart believes the gospel and knows salvation and knows they were once born again. If you continue to sin on purpose and stay away from God, He will give you time to repent (who knows how much time that is?) and if you don’t and you no longer produce fruit (lead others to Jesus by your life and talk), then its possible God will allow you to die and call you home. Even then, it’s not God’s fault because you have given an open door to the devil to steal, kill and destroy you. Surly, you not stupid enough to think God is in the killing business, are you nuts? Why do you think you are to put on the full armor of God daily?

Christians who love to condemn and judge people(I used to do it too) because of your unbelief, should read the Gospel of John and read the red letters that Jesus Himself spoke over and over again until you get it. In John 5:24 Jesus says “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him (God)who sent Me, HAS eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.” What ignorant person told you God takes your salvation back if you’ve been bad?(I used to believe this too because I was ignorant) What goof ball person told you that you have to do something else to obtain salvation other than believe? In John 6:29 Jesus says “This is the work of God that you believe in Him (Jesus) whom He (God) has sent. Then Jesus says it again in John 17:3. Sorry people, going to church, giving, helping, praying two hours a day, getting baptized, or any other thing in your unbelieving brain and heart will never increase your chances of making it to heaven. (But all those things are good and show your faith) The prayer of John 17 by Jesus is for us all. Verse 20 states “I do not ask on behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in Me through their word…” Finally, read Ephesians over and over until you have the revelation knowledge of the truth of God. Eph 4:30 says “….by whom (Holy Spirit) you were sealed for the day of redemption.” We are sealed when we believe! When we confess our sins and turn away from our lifestyle or failings and confess Jesus is Lord and the Son of God we are Sealed! We are God’s kids forever; never will he take it back!

So for all of you who are afraid to die, you should be if you’re not born again. For all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are born again, never, ever, fear death.” To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” Give God glory and thanks everyday that no matter what happens or what’s coming to test your faith, you will spend eternity in heaven with Him. Hopefully, you will live a long, prosperous and healthy life and if you’re afraid to die, something is wrong, because Jesus took the keys of death and the grave from Satan and defeated him and he has already been judged, so we win.  Speak to that spirit of fear out loud, bind it in the name of Jesus and it will leave you. The spirit of fear is a lie. Perfect love cast out all fear. You better study and pray and learn God’s perfect love if you fear. To the un-believers, you must be born again, the time is now, right now, pray to God and asked him to forgive you, ask Jesus into your heart and believe……before it’s too late for you……

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