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The negative title above is meant to wake up some of you who are asleep, who think that everything will work out and life will return to normal and you can just go on living and doing just like you have always done in the past. Some of you believe that there isn’t any way in the world that the governments of the nations will let anything really crumble and turn into chaos. Herein lies the problem, the governments will fail and man will fail because only God holds your future, and you must surrender to Him and trust Him regardless of what you see happening on the earth. For we walk by faith, not be sight.

The debt in America has now reached Armageddon proportions and climbing every day. As of this blog date, it’s now at 11,917,003,287,671! That’s $37,952.73 per person in public debt and 76.3% of the national GDP for the U.S.A. Global debt is 45,480,000,802,657, that trillions not billions. There is absolutely no way this will ever get paid off, ever! The U.S. borrows so much from China that now, the current administration has allowed them to buy up one third of our oil reserves in Texas and Louisiana and beyond by passing laws with backroom deals so we can keep borrowing more and more and more. The politics of taxing the rich and large companies, doing away with entitlement programs as they are called and plugging up tax loopholes will not even make a dent in the current debt if it lasted 10,000 years. It’s all a sham and joke and the governments of the world know there are no answer but one, a one world government and economic system! This is where we are heading and you know it in your gut, you feel it in your soul.

There are some practical things you can be doing right now, before the worldwide economic collapse that is coming. First and foremost is knowing you’re saved beyond a shadow of a doubt. I mean this; repenting of your sins, asking forgiveness for your lifestyle of rebelling towards God. I mean from your heart, not your head, calling out to God and giving Him your life, surrendering your whole heart, your mind and body and soul to Him. I mean praying and confessing out loud to God and others that you believe that Jesus is Lord. I mean saying with your mouth that Jesus came in the flesh and lived as a man and died on the cross and shed His blood for all your sins and rose from the grave and paid the price for your all your sins and failures. I mean humbly surrendering your life to God. It takes your heart with your head knowledge to become born again. You must throw away some of your denominational beliefs that has hindered you in the past and trust only in the bible. I fail to understand how anyone who really wants to be born again fails to pray Romans 10:10 and then fails to ask God to be filled with the Holy Spirit when the gospel commands it to be born again. I cannot fathom how those who have been saved are so lazy to not be baptized in water after believing on Jesus. Being born again is the only hope you have for yourself or your family to survive the coming one world government led eventually by the anti-christ and the false prophet. Those who don’t will be deceived and take the mark of the beast for fear of starvation or persecution. Those who love their sin will not become born again. There is a cost to becoming a Christian and many cowards will not be willing to take up their cross in the coming months and years. How sad, the rewards of knowing God and living forever with Him far, far outweigh anything in the universe.

Practical things that you can do now are to become a prepper in some form. I am not saying to become a hermit or a survivalist, but you should begin now to buy food for storage. There are many 10 to 20 year shelf life foods that can be purchased easily. Water storage containers up to 55 gallon drums can keep water for up to five years and still be good. Costco or Sam’s online and several other internet sites such as Nitro-Pak, Jim Baker Show, Ready Made Resources and several others are great sources of these bulk foods and products. Can goods last for up to 30 years regardless of stamped dates, so when you go grocery shopping buy several of the ones that are on sale and you budget won’t be effected that much.  Learn to make your own bread and grow a garden as stored foods will eventually run out. A can of soup will be worth more than gold at some point as the word says “they will throw their gold and silver into the streets.” Money will mean nothing, but food will mean everything. If you won’t take the mark of the beast, how will you survive until the rapture if you don’t start planning now?

So many Christians and churches believe and are counting on the Pre-Tribulation rapture to escape all the troubles coming. They are so wrong. The rapture is not imminent at all; it’s not going to happen until the anti-christ is revealed after the great falling away or apostasy (2nd Thessalonians 2:3) “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition.” The rapture or gathering to Jesus happens in Mid-Tribulation after the above event and the 144,000 Jews are sealed (Revelation 14:1-5). It is after this happens that a multitude that no one could count, from every nation and tribe and peoples and tongues stand before the throne and before the Lamb in white robes (Rev. 7:9) Then, the wrath of God is released through the seven trumpets upon the earth. We miss God’s wrath, but the seals opened are satan’s wrath upon mankind and we will still be here at that time. {Further study on this is in my last blog titled “Rapture Revelation Revealed}

Here is wisdom for you to consider. The return of the Lord might be in the year 2017 based on the Jewish year of Jubilee, just five years away. Am I setting a date, no, but listen; The year of Jubilee has been calculated to have occurred in 1917, the year when England made a decree that the Jews would regain their homeland. Fifty years later in 1967, after the winning of the Six Day War, Israel regained the city of Jerusalem and parts of other lands that were a part of Israel. Therefore; the next year of Jubilee will be 2017, exactly 6,000 years since the creation of man. 6 is the number of man. This would lead into the 1000 year reign of Christ and the Millennium upon the earth. Remember Daniels “Seventy Weeks” vision in Daniel 10:24? It all fits, 6,000 years of man’s rule, then the 1,000 year reign of Christ on the earth from Jerusalem. This coincides with Revelation 20:1-14.  If we will not be in darkness that the day will overtake us like a thief (I Thess 5:4) then God must reveal the timeframe to us, right?


The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and Father of His Son Jesus Christ loves you so much and does not want anyone of any nation to be lost. Believe on His Son Jesus today and wash you sins away with the Blood Jesus shed for you for all your sins and turn and be saved while there is still time.


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