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Remembering 9/11 and its Aftermath

It was a typical beautiful autumn day that September 11th in Fairfield, California that Californian’s come to expect in the fall of the sunshine state. It was a Wednesday, a day I actually had off from work. Back then I was the store manager of the Wal-Mart in Vallejo, Ca. and managers usually have Wednesdays off, so there I was just hanging out at home, wondering if I should meet the guys for a game of golf. My wife headed out to work at Kaiser being the good RN she was, she never missed a day of work. Being a little lazy and sleeping in and taking my time getting moving, I had just finished brushing my teeth when the phone rang. It was my wife and she said “Ken, you’ve got to turn on the television, something it going on, the radio just said a plane crashed into one of the NYC twin towers.” I quickly turned on the TV and there it was; one of the towers was on fire, smoke pouring out into the clear sky in New York City. As I was watching, wondering what was going on, out of nowhere it seemed, another plane headed right for the other tower and crashed into it going full steam. Another giant explosion ensued and billows of red fire exploded immediately to the horror of everyone. My heart sank and started pounding and hundreds of thoughts moved across my brain like lighting. This is no accident; we are under an attack, but from whom? Wait a minute, this is the United States of America, and this can’t happen, it’s impossible!  But there it was seen around the world, the mighty America and the symbol’s of her strength and power has just been exploded. Soon, another plane would smash into the Pentagon and another would crash in Pennsylvania. Fear gripped almost every American as hundreds of people died right before our eyes. Panic gripped NYC and the fire fighters were hero’s way beyond the call of duty, many losing their own lives trying to save others. The images of people running in the streets and the black and grey clouds rushing like a giant dust storm is burned in my memory along with all the other hero’s who helped and assisted those injured and those in need. I felt and thought to myself along with millions of others; “Something has just changed; America will never be quite the same.” That day I spent the entire day glued to my television set switching among all the news channels and trying to get a grip on the ramifications of what this all means and what does the future now hold. The towers fell and when the dust settled, a cross stood erect in the mist of the rubble in quiet solitude as if Jesus was saying “I’m still here and on the throne and I still love you, reach out to me.”

The next Sunday, almost every church across the nation was filled with people weeping attending services, looking for some answers and trying to make sense of it all, mostly fearing for the future and mourning the loss of so many American lives. This return to church didn’t last long and no great revival would break out in America. You see America didn’t repent and come back to God; instead we put our fist in the air and pronounced through government officials Isaiah 9:10 “The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.” Doing the same exact thing ancient Israel did before their destruction. In his NYT bestselling book, “The Harbinger” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains nine harbingers which are warnings or judgments to a nation who turn away from God. If you haven’t read the book, buy it and read it quickly to gain some insight to the end times.

Here we are eleven years later and America has gone down, down, down, as a nation in almost every respect you can imagine. The morality has almost hit rock bottom. The immense Immorality among the people is something you would have never dreamed of just a few years ago. Rampant pornography through the internet and on select TV channels is common place. Millions, mostly men, are hooked and it is destroying their lives, families and leading to bigger and even greater wicked acts like slavery, child pedophilia, intense adultery and fornication breaking up homes and marriages by the thousands. Rising gang rapes and lawlessness run amuck in the streets of major cities. And if that’s not enough, America is the number one exporter of Porn, making available the lust for the whole world to also become slaves of bondage and perversion. Young gangs beating up citizens and robbing them, storming stores in groups and stealing anything they get their hands on while the store owners look on in fear. Gangs increased in all cities where drugs are consumed by the youth where the party mentality and sin reign supreme, where murder occurs on a daily basis as the cities cut back law enforcement due to debt and budget cuts and go broke. Demon possessed shooters killing citizens in theaters, school campuses and stores and everyone wondering why?

55 million abortions and counting with no end in sight for the immoral generation of women who regard lives of new children an inconvenience with their sexual immoral lifestyle, women of depraved minds  and self only interest who will someday stand before God and answer for their sins. And not only them, but all who deny Jesus is Lord including many false preachers and priest leading the way of apostasy even denying Jesus as Lord and the only way to God. Having churches full of those who love to have their social gatherings without regard to sin and the word of God, cowards who pander to the politically correctness of this age. Cowards who are called into this demonic tolerance sweeping the land (and the world) masquerading as mercy and grace for every know perversion and sin know to mankind. Tolerance for evil and anything that is contrary to the very bibles sitting dusty in their closets and drawers. Tolerance for anything unless it has Christian/Judeo morality attached. “Then there is zero tolerance.

Americans are being lead (and the world) to slaughter by the economic insanity, living on borrowed money becoming the slaves of those lending. Trillions in debt and yet the wicked people of the lands cry out “We want more, more, more!” Knowing their survival is doomed and yet voting for the very platforms and politicians that will ultimately bring the economies down along with them. Sin brings on confusion and with it insanity of thought, never knowing which way to go or turn. Always arguing, always fighting for selfish rights without regard for others and the effect it will have on millions of lives. Pretending to be for the poor and rights, their evil hearts are filled with the desire of only themselves and establishing laws that benefit their freedom of perversion and sin. In a land where the very, very few march screaming and hollering for rights, depraved judges pander to their sinful lifestyle and make laws ultra tolerant to their sins, with total disregard for the masses and their freedoms and rights. With small groups kicking God out of schools, government and now businesses with the help of immoral judges, is it any wonder why American has evolved into the Godless, selfish, immoral nation that it has become? Professed Christians standing idly by, lead by their leaders who lead them astray into the very tolerance that puts them and their families into the bondage they have always loathed. Media outlets who pander to the self-interest groups of liberalism and depravity, giving hearty approval to the methods and ideology of Marxism and Socialism, disregarding the founding principles of One Nation, Under God.

The heart of this nation (and the world) is very sick and wicked. Without true repentance from those who profess to be Christians and Jews having been sucked into this modern day political correctness and tolerance leading to backslidden hearts, God will not turn and heal our land. God’s mercy is everlasting and is new every morning. He wants us all to repent and turn back to Him and trust Him in every circumstance. He gave His son, Y’shua Jesus Christ for us all that we might be saved and live with Him forever. He loves us so, but He is a Holy God and no respecter of persons. He in His holiness cannot bless or help or restore us in our sin unless we repent and call upon Him. God is not mocked, and His judgments are coming for America and the whole world. The natural disasters are no accident; they are warnings just as the bible states. Droughts and famines and earthquakes are increasing daily around the world and you haven’t seen anything yet. Lawlessness is increasing rapidly every day. Wars and rumors of wars are in the daily news. Are you ready? Have you planned for the coming perilous times? What will happen if you die or are killed? Do you really think you’ll make heaven without being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb? God is Holy and your judgment is assured if you don’t know Jesus. Will Jesus say to you “depart from me I never knew you” or will He welcome you because you gave your whole heart to Him , repented and accepted His salvation by grace through faith? He says without Holiness no one will see the Lord. What does that mean? It means you are living in love for God and your neighbor, it means you have turned away from the lust of the world and the lust of the flesh, it means you stay in communication with Him every day throughout the day. It means you give to poor and help your fellowman. Holiness is simply living for God the best you can lead by His Spirit. You can’t do it alone, you kidding yourself if you think you can. Your righteous acts are good but they won’t save you, only trusting in Jesus death on the cross, resurrection and shedding of His blood for your sins will save you. And you think it’s your will power that makes you righteous? No, Jesus said you can do nothing without Him. He says you must be born again, that my friend is not an option. You must know you’re born again by the Spirit of God. You desire changes; you hate the things of the past and of the world after you’re born again. If Jesus tells many I never knew you, how could that have happened? It happened because those people were playing religion. Being taught Religion instead of relationship, rules instead of grace, works instead of faith, taught an act like baptism instead of salvation from the heart in repentance by faith, friendliness instead of love.

Perhaps you once were on the right path in your mind, but the lust and the worries of this world got the better of you. I will tell you the same thing God actually told me and then showed me in the bible the same thing He told me. God said to me when I was down and out, when I was about to give up, when I had believed the lie of the devil that I had just sinned too much, that I was a failure, that no way God would take me back. The verse was this Isaiah 59:1 “Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear.” And so it is with me and so it is with you. He hears you when you talk to Him, and He hand is not short, in other words, there is nothing you have done that cannot be forgiven, nothing the blood of Y’shua Jesus cannot cleanse. Call upon Him and He will hear you and save you and the Spirit of God will baptize you if you just ask in faith. May the love of God reign in your hearts in this perilous time……..

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