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Just Thirty Days to Live

Just Thirty Days to Live

If you had only thirty days to live; what would you do, what would you think, where would you go, who and when would you tell, and how would you do all of those things? Speeding through your mind right now are a hundred thoughts and a hundred reasons to do what you would do. We are not given notice in most cases when the end will be, but we are given many chances to prepare for the afterlife and for eternity.

Would your belief system comfort you the last thirty days of your life? Would you know beyond a shadow of a doubt without hesitation that you would go to heaven; or would fear grip your heart and panic set in to your mind? You think back on your life and the memories of your routines and you run a video of your life from the time you were young until now and how would that work out for you? Are there times of hatred and discuss and pain? Would your life’s video show you loved God and your fellow man above all things? What would others really say about you when you were not around? How would your family react, your friends react, your co-workers react and your neighbors react? Would the video show you were a good person or just a person of goods?

Thirty days isn’t very long, so now what? Would you continue to live like you have the past thirty days or would you be totally different? And if so; why? Of all the times you have laid you head down on your pillow to sleep, how will you sleep knowing you only have thirty days left? Would you run to someone and cry out for help and mercy or would you live confident knowing your salvation is assured? Who would you call and apologize to? Would you still carry bitterness and unforgiveness toward those who have offended and hurt you or would you just drop the anger knowing you only have thirty days left to live? How about your children or your spouse; what would you say to them? Would all the hard work and money and possessions you accumulated in your life mean anything to you now? How about that new car or new house or new furniture? How about all the new clothes you were going to buy; would that matter now knowing you only have thirty days left?

Would you be stubborn to the end about all your ideals and beliefs or would you throw them all away knowing you didn’t really believe all that stuff, but you wanted to feel important, you wanted to fight for the right and you wanted to win all the mental battles with your friends and colleagues? How will that belief system count when it really matters, when you step on the other side and stand face to face with your Creator? What will He say to you? Will He let you in based on your life and beliefs? You wanted to show your friends and family how smart you were and how tolerant and politically correct you were with laws, and people and stuff; so is that the right thing you did in life?….just saying. And how would that pan out for you in front of the Holy God when you arrive to meet Him at the end?

You do realize that no sin will enter heaven don’t you? How will that work out for you? And if you see all the aborted babies in the arms of the Angels from afar, what will you say to God about your belief system then? Will you be ashamed or confident? By the way, how can anyone get into heaven with no sin, because we have all sinned? How does a belief system that agrees that all religions are good and everyone gets to God by their own means bypass the standard of God’s eternal gift of His Son? In thirty days you will have to answer those questions.

What was the meaning of life and the meaning of your existence on this earth? Did you figure it out? Did you get the answers to life’s most important question? Remember, you only have thirty days to figure it out. Beyond the dimensions of this world, where the host of heaven reside, are the answers to all the questions, but the problem is you don’t get to know the answers now on earth, only then? How will your belief system stand up in then, will it stand the test of time?

As the end of the thirty days draw closer and closer and the moments tick away on the clock, and your end on earth is so near; are you ready? Can you pack up all your belief systems, carry them with you and enter in? What happens if you have been deceived in life with those standards of morality you obtained from school or college or family or work? Did you ever feel in your gut something just wasn’t right? Will it matter to God if you were tricked and deceived or will the Holy God and Creator just let you in anyway? Who was responsible for that package of beliefs; you or someone else? If you don’t get in; then what? Is there really a place of torment for eternity? What if you find out you was listening to the enemy of God? What if you were hearing the wrong voices throughout your life? Now what do you do? Will it be too late?

Between just me and you, no one else; when you die, you die alone, and at that time your spirit leaves your body. In a split second one of two things will happen. You will either be met by beautiful angels of God, those guardian angels who were assigned to you throughout your life; and be taken into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven or you will be met by dark demons who will drag you kicking and screaming  right down into the black abyss of hell.  How do I know that? Between you and me, the bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The reverse is also true. Between me and you only about 20% of those who have lived will be in heaven. 80% will go to hell. What percent will you belong in? The bible says the way to destruction is wide but he way to salvation is narrow and “few there be that find it.” How many are a few of the seven billion living on earth right now? A billion, a million, several hundred thousand? So what makes you think for one second, you’ll be one of the few with that belief system of yours? Here is how you can know…….

First of all, your entire existence is for one purpose and one purpose only. To know Jesus as Lord and the Father who sent Him. To love Him with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.  To know our Creator and give Him glory for all He has done. The bible says so exactly in those words. Knowing God is your reason for life and existence.

Secondly, how can anyone go to heaven without sin? The answer is in the pure redemption of Jesus on the cross.  Jesus paid it all, for all your sins past present and future and none of them will be held against you. Jesus said on the cross, “IT IS FINSHED! He and He alone became sin on that cross for the whole world. His blood that was shed for our sins, covers all our sins, not some, all and forever. No sin is too large or too deep that His blood cannot wash away.

Third, the bible says we are saved by grace through faith and that (the grace or the faith) is not of ourselves. The faith God gave you to believe activates the grace of God to bring the Holy Spirit into your heart and life and seals your spirit for eternity for the day of redemption at the end of time.

Fourth, salvation is from your heart, not from your intellect. You can know the bible backwards and forwards, have 16 college degrees, but if you have not believed from your heart with your whole heart, you will not be born again of the Spirit of God. Jesus said you must be born again. Now, that is no joke or some religious statement, it’s a life statement for the eternal. You know you’re born again when you no longer desire the things of this world, when your entire thinking changes and you hate sin and your old lifestyle.

Fifth, it will cost you something. Everything is not perfect after your born again, in fact in many cases its worse as you will be persecuted by others, lose friends or family and now become the enemy of sinners and satan who will hate you because they hated Jesus. But inside, in your spirit, there will be joy unspeakable. You will know beyond any doubt you are saved and going to heaven and nothing in this life is worth anything compared to what you will receive in heaven. And God will give you new friends and family who will love you from the heart. God is able to bring you to an expected end and He will bring you through all the trials of life.

Final thoughts: Some of you reading only have thirty days left; some of you will have less. Some of you will be alive when Jesus returns and some of you will never die a physical death. God has ordained a time and a place for us all according to His plan and really it doesn’t matter as long as we are with Him forever. Don’t let another day go by without knowing Jesus as your Savior, He loves you so. Just pray Romans 10:10. Right now just ask God the father to save you. Tell Him you believe that Jesus is Lord and died and rose again for you and tell God you believe with your whole heart that Jesus bloodshed for you cleans you from all sin. Tell God you repent of your sins and turn away from your pass and now will live for Him. For with your heart you believe and with your mouth you confess unto salvation. Ask God to  fill you with His Holy Spirit and then when you have a chance, get baptized as an outward act of an inside transformation. And someday we will meet in and talk about this day for we will have all eternity to tell of God’s love for us. See you in heaven………

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