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Voting For Evil

I am speaking mainly to Americans who are believers and followers of God and Jesus Christ His Only begotten Son, those of you who profess and claim to be born again and saved. But to the false Christians and legalistic religious fanatics or those with the false theology who believe all paths lead to God, you can stop reading right now. You’re so deceived, only an exorcism would change your heart and clear your mind to the truth. You are like the religious Pharisees of old, the vipers who persecute the true born again believers. You are the ones, who spread strife, listen and repeat the lies of your father the devil.

The bible states clearly, unless you are born again, you will not see the kingdom of God. Each person knows this in their heart and they know it today, right now. They know if their life has been transformed, if their conscience is clear and they hear the voice of God. Jesus said my sheep hears my voice. Those born again are convicted in their heart when they sin or are unpleasing to God. Notice I didn’t say condemned; only satan accuses the believers and he is the father of lies. Christianity whether it’s being a Catholic or Protestant or Messianic Jewish or perhaps another sect, who believe Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins, are the only belief systems that transform a person’s life, all  the rest are just legalistic fleshly deception, void of the Spirit of God  because no transformation takes place in the heart.

So, what’s my point? I’ll get to it in a minute. Now, the bible also says that without holiness, no one will see God. Are you holy? What does that mean? How can anyone be holy?  To be holy simply means to be “set apart, be separate, dedicated, and consecrate”. God says come out from among them and be ye separate. Ok, that means to stop doing the sins you used to do. It means to stop loving evil, and clean up you act. It means to stop your partying, stop your fornication, stop your drunkenness, stop you drug use, stop your porno, stop your hating; just stop all the things that you know are wrong and sinful. You know what they are as the word says “and such were some of you.” Now, there is no one who has battled more with sins than me. Until I learned to stop trying in my own flesh to stop sinning, I couldn’t do it. I even told God I just can’t do this, I just fail all the time. Then God spoke to my heart “Stop Trying have faith and rest in Me.” Ever since then, things drastically changed. I stopped the struggle, gave up on myself and gave in to God. That’s what it means to lose your life and you will save it. It’s really all about Jesus and what He did so we can enter into that rest that Hebrews speaks about. You see without faith, you will never enter into God’s rest, but as soon as you let go and give it all to Him, you’ll enter that rest and cease from your fighting and striving against sin. Now, I am not saying you won’t be tempted or fail again, because you will, but you life with God will be so much different, so much cleaner, so much more peaceful, knowing God said, He is able to bring you to an expected end and bring you into the Kingdom of God. God says His right hand is not short that He cannot save nor His ears dull that He cannot hear. Remember that always.

Any believer who is saved, whose heart has been washed by the cleansing power of Jesus blood, can look around and see the evil in the world. You can see and hear when things go against God’s will, based on the word of God which is our guidebook for life. You know if something isn’t just quite right, you have that knowing feeling within you. Sometimes you have thoughts that counter that knowing feeling, so you blow off the knowing feeling thinking it’s your own thought process, but those counter thoughts are deception and lies from the enemy of your soul. If you have learned to distinguish the voice of the Lord speaking to your heart, and know the voice of the enemy speaking to your mind, the decision becomes much easier. In human terms the best way I can explain it is this; a strong impression, raising deeply in your heart floods your body, then reaches your mind. It might be only one or two words or a short sentence and it happens very quickly.  Usually it will never be repeated exactly again. It is never condemning, but could be convicting, softly He speaks to our hearts and we hear His voice. If you have not experienced Jesus actually speaking directly to you, you are really missing out on what is there for you. Many are so busy 24/7 with things of the world, there is no quiet time to just pray and listen. God has spoken to all of you personally, probably many times over. If you’re born again, and have not experienced this great mystery, then you just don’t believe what Jesus Himself said or you’re too busy to listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and fill you and speak to you. Any good and perfect thing is from God, so if it’s not, then it’s the enemy. By the way, God has a sense of humor and when He speaks it’s not always some deep subject, it may just be to tell you He loves you. Recently He spoke to me and said “Do you always have to have that in your mouth?” I quit smoking several years ago but chew and always have a little dip in my mouth. So He was telling me to stop chewing so much. I was shocked needless to say, but He said it in a loving way because He loves me so much. And He loves you just as much. What He does for me, He will do for you.

On the other hand, fast impressions hit our minds, usually with a driving force, almost always condemning some previous thought we might have had. Bringing up past sins or failures we haven’t thought of in years or falsely accusing us or others in a demeaning manner. Thoughts of sins long ago that are forgiven. Many times those head thoughts will consume your mind unless you fight them off by rebuking them or simply saying “The blood of Jesus.” Those driving thoughts are presented as pressure, do it right now, driving thoughts that produce anxiety. Those of course are the devil or his minions trying to get you to sin or fall back or even kill yourself making you think you are worthless and a failure. The lies of satan should be easy to distinguish and to resist them; using your faith is paramount. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. The problem comes when you are tired or worn out; maybe you’ve had a very hard day or received some bad news from work or family or even from your doctor. Maybe you haven’t rested or slept lately and your shield of faith is not up. The attacks always come at your weakest point or when you are doing something right, like getting ready to go to church or help someone. “For we are not ignorant of the schemes of the devil.”

In less than a month, this election will determine the future of our nation. The very soul of America is at stake. No Believer can vote for the party with the platform of evil. No Believer can vote for a party whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to the principles of the bible. I believe God is watching us all to see if His people will get out and vote for righteousness and turn this land back to God. Forty million believers did not even vote in the last election and now you see what we got and the freedoms and liberties we have lost in just four short years. Voting for a platform that endorses abortion is sin. Abortion not only kills the newborn alive in the womb, but kills generations of that baby to follow. One third of new babies are murdered every year in America through abortion. One third of the generations to follow are brought to an end. The next great leader or teacher or doctor or lawyer or farmer or scientist or preacher will never live and thrive because their generation was stopped by deceived and worldly women who know not the Lord, but believe the lies of the devil that it’s just a fetus. God forgive them. God will not hold his judgment on America much longer. Voting for a platform who endorses homosexuality is sin. Though it might be politically correct in today’s society to tolerate homosexuality and the agenda it brings (and there is an agenda), the bible says its sin and wrong and those who practice demonic sin will pay the ultimate price when they stand before God at the end of their lives, just as surely as we all will give an account. I am so happy that hundreds of pastors and priest, including many black pastors have joined other true Believers and stood up against this platform and raised their voices in their churches this past weekend across this nation. God will judge us on our holiness, not on our tolerance of sin. Voting for a platform that has disengaged from the support of Israel is wrong. For any Believer knows God says whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and any nation who does not will be cursed. Voting for a platform that has a President who thinks he is King instead of a President of the people, by the people and for the people who has signed into law over 900 executive orders behind the backs of Senators and Congressmen by-passing the order of government to carry out his deranged agenda is just pure ignorance and self-defeating to our nation. Voting for a President who has increased our debt over four trillion dollars with failed green policies shelling out billions on failed companies with taxpayer money and failed promises to unite the people and has instead divided the people using race and class as a factor is deplorable. Voting for a President whose plan is to cut our military to become weak and unable to defend our freedoms is insanity. Voting for a President whose goal is to make government the god of the nation whose citizens depend wholly on government entitlement programs is the dumbing down of society and socialistic, the opposite of what America has stood for in since its inception. Every born again Believer must vote for righteousness and vote period. Don’t profane God saying you’re a Believer when you vote for evil or color just for the sake of color. That makes you even more of a liar than your deceived heart does. Don’t say you’re a Believer or follow Jesus any longer if you do. What you really are is a wolf among sheep. Do you not think God sees your heart? Surely you’re not that ignorant, but perhaps your mind is seared from all your sin. If you feel condemned by that statement, then you are. If you conscience is clear, then you’re on the right track. If you’re leaning one way, but know in your heart its wrong, than do something about it, and vote for righteousness, then you will be blessed of God. If God’s eye is even on the Sparrow, then His eye is on you in that closed booth or when filling out your ballot at home. There are consequences for all sin.

There is still hope for America, but even a new President is not the answer. Only by this nation fully repenting and turning back to God and the principles of the Truth of the Bible will save America. Perhaps we have already crossed the line, I sure hope not, but I do know that God is still God in the bad times and still God at night. The end of the age is near and God’s plan cannot be changed. Turn your heart to God and He will heal you and your family and our great land……..

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