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America Tips for Sin

America Tips for Sin

America went to the polls on November 6th and gave President Obama another four years. The scales of morality tipped for the first time in America for sin, and now the people will reap what has been sown. The first time around many voted for hope and change which never came. This time people voted with their eyes wide open for a platform and person whose morality is anything but bible based or Godly. With a President who openly approves of the killing of the unborn, approves of homosexuality, and has no problem taking this nation into debts of trillions which will put America’s children in bondage in years to come, the people still voted for this man and the democratic platform into office once again. The real losers are the American people who blindly follow a personality instead of a leader. The promises of welfare and social programs were just too much for a handout nation of lazy American’s. The continued printing of money and spending will reap a fiscal cliff that will eventually crash the U.S. economy. Funny thing is everyone in America knows this, but hope in the back of their mind that some way magic way, trouble will be averted.

For the first time in history, people actually voted for homosexual marriage in three states, and one state voted for the legalized use of marijuana. Pandora’s Box has now been opened and the floodgates of immorality will probably spread across the land in the coming years. Younger generations are becoming less and less Christian (only 1 in 3 now say they are Christian) and without a major awakening and revival from God, every generation is less moral and more wicked than the previous one. The love of sin and money overrides everything.

Come January 1st automatic cuts in the billions will drive unemployment into the 10% range, and Obamacare will cause thousands of doctors to quit the profession and thousands of employers will begin layoffs (which has already started). Our military budget will be cut by billions in the next decade despite Russia and China’s buildup. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost with Obama’s agenda. Drilling has been stopped on federal lands in the west already, and Obama’s war on coal and fossil fuels will now continue depriving thousands of others and their family’s food on the table. Over 41 new regulations were already in the pipeline from the EPA to further stifle drilling and business growth. Amazingly, once again everyone knew this and yet still voted for Obama. It’s really quite remarkable and unimaginable that people with eyes wide open gave this man four more years.

Those of you who are believers must realize that God still loves us and America and His plan for the end of the age will not be changed. Actually, the church is really to blame as once again over 50% of Christians and Jews stayed home and did not vote in this election. Apathy and laziness, combined with being spiritually luke warm or not warm at all caused this election to tip to evil. Now the government and media will continue their assault on Christianity and freedom of religion and speech which started in Obama’s first term. Get ready for persecution on all fronts now that the liberal ok has been given. Expect your Pastor and Priest and your church to come under hostile attack by government and media over the next four years. Government will try through legislation to stop Christianity and freedom of expression. Already many preachers and priest are afraid to say what the bible says about sin for fear of the government taking away their tax free status. Many other churches have gone the way evil endorsing the perverse homosexuality agenda though the bible says it is an abomination. They have even ordained and placed many in pulpits and that will continue.

Get ready for the judgments of God to continue and increase in intensity and frequency. (You think all the earthquakes, drought and violent storms are caused by global warming?). The best thing we can do is have a deep daily prayer life, not just an election month prayer life. You better start listening to the still small voice of the Lord and do what He tells you to do. Now is the time to become somewhat of a preper and be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. You need stored food and water and solar powered flashlights, power sources, and other essentials for the coming disasters headed our way and they will come. If the Obama administration tries to divide Israel, look out, judgment will come swiftly and you will not believe what your eyes will behold happening in America. God always sends many warnings before judgment as He has done and is doing so now, are you listening? By the way, God does not cause death or suffering in any form, but He allows it by removing His hand of protection from the nations who fall away from Him or reject Him. America wants sin and no God, now she will get exactly what she deserves. We know the end and we are not suppose to be fatalist, so be ready to teach Jesus and others the gospel in the coming four years and get ready yourselves, for as I  have been saying for almost two  years now, perilous times are coming the bible says……




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