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Accept being Accepted

Accept being Accepted

Do you strive to Trust God or strive to please God?

Both trusting God and pleasing God are admirable qualities, but the day will come when you have to choose only one as your main motivation in life. Most pick pleasing God and this is what is hammered out in most churches, but it is the wrong road. We will eventually come to a place in our lives when we cry out to God. We have run out of all the answers, we have run out of our own abilities, we have even run out of our dreams trying to please God when we all discover sooner or later that we just can’t do it. We doubt if God even really cares and lose confidence that a close walk with Him is even possible. Then we finally discover what we needed all along; is the Grace to trust Him more.

To trust God is to please Him! Hebrews chapter 11 says without faith it is impossible to please Him. Our primary motive in life is to Trust God and when we do, He is wonderfully pleased with us and moves on our behalf. Pleasing God is the outcome of trusting Him. We must learn to give our full control away to Him and become totally vulnerable to Him. Religion tells us that right behavior plus less bad behavior = godliness and favor. However that theology sets us up for failure and will sabotage our journey in life. We can never resolve our sin by works or trying to sin less to keep us from sinning more in the future. Un-resolved sin comes in two forms; when we sin we receive guilt that leads to depression left unresolved. The second form is of sin is Hurt, when others sin against us producing anger and rage left unresolved by unforgiveness. Blame, fear, denial, and shame become our constant companions.

All your efforts in life of trying to be and do good will ultimately leave you broken, defeated, lonely and full of despair in the twilight of your lives if not sooner. Embracing the theology of trying to be good, placing all your efforts on trying to please God instead of trusting God will leave you empty and doubting the very existence of a close walk with God even being possible. Pleasing God is a great motivation, but it is the fruit or result of trusting God! We will never please God by our own efforts no matter how noble they are; we can only please God by trusting Him. Then we become godly when our faith is totally in Him and Him alone.

We are the righteousness in Christ, not in ourselves! We need a Savior and Lord every minute of every hour of everyday. Our minds and hearts must stay on Him and His word knowing we trust Him in all things. Then we can pull off the mask of pretending everything is alright to all those around us and confess we are blessed and we trust God to deliver us and pull us out of any circumstance or problem or troubled waters in our lives. Our identity is in Jesus and our life is hidden with Him the word says. God addressed the issue of who we are, not the world or the devil or religion for that matter. We have been bought with a heavy price, the blood of Jesus Christ and our spirits are sealed with Him for the day of redemption (Eph 4:30). We will always struggle with our flesh and sin but our spirit is born again, holy and acceptable to our Lord and forever sealed and sin cannot touch our spirit.

The great disconnect is actually thinking we can achieve godliness and get God to love us more through striving to live good and do good works, but we are saved by grace through faith and we are no match for sin. That is exactly what God knew and sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for us and shed His blood on the cross. Jesus paid our penalty of death in full! God will never love you any more or any less than He does right this very minute. Now, that’s a wonderful thing; God is not mad at you! We too will rise because Jesus rose from the dead! The bible teaches “sin shall not be master over you” why? Because where sin abounds, so much more does His grace abound. Stop being afraid of sin or making a mistake. Besides Jesus blood covers all sin past, present and future! You will overcome because Jesus overcame the world. If you trust God and meditate on Him and His word, you will not go on sinning, it’s impossible. Jesus came to take away the sins of the world not to beat us up for sinning; He offers a way out, by giving our whole heart and life to Him and trusting Him.

Trust opens a way up for God to mature you and bring you to full maturity in Christ Jesus. If you don’t or won’t trust Him; you cannot mature because your focus is wrong. So change your focus to trusting. Living in trust and allowing His grace to remove all condemnation allows His grace to work in your life through the Holy Spirit and do things in your life that you never dreamed possible or even imagined to do by yourself. Please don’t get caught up in placing obedience before trust and lock your mindset into obeying to please God to earn His favor. God says obedience is better than sacrifice and faith (trust) is the only way to please Him. Believe we are who God said we are, His Saints. Trust and obey God not the other way around. Faith and grace will bring us home and keep us able to stand before a loving God who gave His life just for us who believe.

Remember God forgives when you ask and forgets your sins and remembers them  no more. Is God a liar? No way, God is not a man that He can lie. So why are you still asking for forgiveness for things God has forgotten about? He has no idea what you’re talking about. He said “I will remember their sins no more.” Stop it will you please and put your prayer energy into something more fruitful like praying for your family and country. Accept your Accepted! Accept you’re forgiven, Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Accept yourself as forgiven and stop beating yourself up day and night. Stop trying to perform for God and start trusting Him in all things and He will show you what to do. Your willpower is no power. You and I can’t do anything without Christ, as it is written “All things are possible through Christ” Remember Trust Him, believe His word, Trust Him and He will direct your paths………..

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