Baby Boomers Religion

As a child we all picked a flower at some point and played the game; he loves me, he loves me not. When the last petal wound up being he or (she) loves me we would shout for joy, but if the last petal was he (she) loves me not, we would be sad and pick another flower and try it again until we got the answer we wanted; that being he loves me or she loves me. The fun imaginations of children or even adults picking flower petals really stems not from the flower, but from the human need to be loved. After all, that’s what we really wanted, to be loved unconditionally. Little did we understand that there was (and is) someone who loves us unconditionally and so deeply that He gave His only son that we would be able to live forever and ever with Him in heaven. You know the verse “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16).”

The creator of the universe and everything and everyone that has been created wants to have a love relationship with you and me. Isn’t that amazing to know? Wait, wait you say; this is not someone I can actually put my arms around and hug or spend time talking too and getting a response. But, I would tell you that it is very possible to do. In fact, the love from God is nothing like human love and the feeling is hard to describe in human terms. First must come trust (faith) on your part to believe He loves you and believe what the bible says about His love for you; that it is true and real and He who promised is faithful and wants to have a very personal relationship with you and me. How does one know that He loves us? How does one feel His presence? How does one feel His love? Jesus said “with their lips they honor me, but their heart is far from me.” Today there are many who profess to be believers and Christians but the truth is they are not; they do not even know Him. You see it’s not about what you say with your lips; it’s about what you say with your heart and believe deeply inside. Then you confession really means something.

Religion says that God is mad at us and imputes our sins based on our performance; He loves me not. Churches teach that ordnances of the church like baptism or communion or rituals of denominations like giving or church attendance put you on good terms with God; He loves me. The truth is Rituals were never meant to be a substitute for the realities that they represent, but reminders of what they represent. To do all the things mentioned above are good and part of the whole gospel of Jesus Christ, but without sincere repentance (turning away and going in another direction) from the heart and throwing all your trust and faith on Jesus to save you; those things will profit you nothing at all.

God’s entire wrath for us was put on Jesus on the cross and Jesus actually became sin for us. Now that’s a mind blower, but that is exactly what happened. And then when He shed His blood for us, the penalty was paid for every sin of the world. If you have never felt God’s love, I mean really felt it inside your own spirit, the answer is right there inside your heart. If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead, then say it with your mouth; pray it to God even right now. Now baptism will really mean something after you have given your whole heart to Jesus.

Here’s the deal, we have to persuade our heart to believe the truth, until we do, it’s just information. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. (In other words you trust what God’s word says, not what you see around you) All of us have had trapped emotions and fears from the evidences in us. You have memories that you’re kind of hard wired for that make you falsely believe things. Examples would be like if you were born in poverty, then you are wired to believe in poverty, if your parents or grandparents had some physical problem like heart disease then your wired to mentally for that problem. Not that it is true, but that you see the evidence of it in the past or you have fear from past issues programmed into you by your parents or someone else. Maybe it happened even when you were in your mother’s womb.  So you must re-new your mind by the word of God.

Pray this: “Father search my heart and every part of my body, every cell, and reveal the very core of this problem and show me. Then after listening, when you hear that impression from the Holy Spirit, and realize where it came from, then you can call it by name (the feeling or fear) and say out loud “fear or pain or pride or unforgiveness or whatever it is, you have no place in my life, I don’t want you, I send you away forever and by God’s grace through Jesus Christ I am now set free and I expect the courage to forgive myself and others and forgive every circumstance that has contributed to this problem. Now ______ (name it) I send you away in the name of Jesus and I choose to believe every good thing the word (Bible) says about me as a born again believer in Jesus Christ and I choose to love and life in its place. I trust the love of God to manifest in my life right now.”

God and Jesus are:

Jehovah Jireh–the Lord our provider

Jehovah Rapha—the God who heals

Jehovah Tsid Kenu—the Lord our righteousness

Jehovah Shalom—our perfect peace

Jehovah M’kaddesh—the Lord who sanctifies

Jehovah Nissi—our banner of Love and Protection

Jehovah Raah—our shepherd who tenderly leads us

Jehovah Shammah–the one who is with us Everywhere

Our God loves us so much, now love Him back……

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