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God will not Judge America…the Truth…and Why..

Over and over again across the pulpits of America and on Christian Television programs around the world, preachers stand up and declare “If God doesn’t judge America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Here’s the problem with that statement; it’s simply not the truth. The religious system does not understand the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the second or new covenant written in the New Testament. In the new covenant Jesus alone is the mediator between God and man. Now everyone knows that America and every country around the world is in moral decline, and in many cases have sins stacked as high as Sodom and Gomorrah and in other cases they are actually worse. You could raise the case that 55 million babies have been murdered in the U.S and it continues. But what about China where unknown millions are slaughtered by their own government? Add other countries to the list and by the judgment thinking above; they all are in for God’s judgment. The problem is that is not true, God is not going to judge nations until the last half of the tribulation period at the end of the age. We live in the period known as the Church age, the period of grace; not wrath.

In the old or 1st covenant know as the Old Testament, Prophets would call out to God and actually mediate on behalf of the people of Israel. Why, because Jesus has not come in the flesh yet. Abraham of old respectfully argued with God and negotiated with Him about Sodom and Gomorrah, remember the story? He asks God if there are 50 righteous would He not destroy them. God said he would not. Then Abraham kept going what is there is 40 righteous, 30 righteous, 20 righteous, then settled on if there is 10 righteous would God destroy them. You know the rest of story, there was not even 10, so Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. Now you could go on to numerous Prophets pleading with God not to destroy Israel when the Ancient of Days fierce wrath was kindled against mankind. Once, He flooded the entire world and killed them all off and started over because the Nephilim (fallen angels) had come down and had sex with the women of earth and the whole world was full of evil and debauchery. (See my blog of Feb 2012 titled “The flood, The Nephilim and UFO’s) Another great example is Moses being a mediator between God and man, telling God to turn from His fierce wrath. You know all the stories or at least you should. Instead of killing them all off for their worship of the golden calf and perversion in the camp when Moses came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments, God listened to Moses and made them wander in the desert for 40 years until the entire generation that sinned had died off. These great Prophets of God were mediators in the old covenant between God and man.

But now, the Son of God is born in the flesh, carried out His mission upon the earth, died on the cross becoming sin for us, shed His blood for the forgiveness of sins, and rose again from the dead, that we could rise again also. And now we are born again by His Spirit and pass from death to life. Praise His Name!

This same Jesus not only became sin on the cross; but ALL the wrath of God the Father was placed upon Him at that moment in time. All of God’s wrath, not some of it, not part of it, ALL of it! Speaking of future times in Isaiah 54:9, 10, God says “For this is like the days of Noah to Me, when I swore that the waters of Noah would not flood the earth again; So I swore that I will not be angry with you nor will I rebuke you. For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but my lovingkindness will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken.” Jesus changed everything! God’s wrath is no longer on us or the nations. Jesus paid the price for the whole world. Now that does not mean the whole is saved, but only those who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and give their lives to Him. Those who trust Jesus paid it all and by His blood our sins are washed away forever, past present and future are saved and born again.

Does this wonderful grace mean you can go on sinning in your old lifestyle? No way. Does God’s grace mean you will not be accountable for your sins? No way, but sinning opens the doors for Satan to wreck havoc in your life and not only that but in nations of the world. God’s wrath is stored up for the sinners who reject Jesus as Lord and Him as God the Father. God will never destroy the righteous with the wicked!!! That’s not God’s promise! His promise is to rescue us from His wrath!

There are TWO issues to understand here: Man’s sin will cause the downfall of nations working through the sons of disobedience led by the devil and his demons. Sin reigning in the hearts of men, who hate God and Jesus, but love their sins. Corrupt men and women who don’t believe and defile the flesh, reject authority and blaspheme our God and any mention of Jesus and anything they don’t understand. The evil in high places in America and other countries will bring down the nations, not God. It is Satan who kills, steals and destroys and with an open invitation to America and other countries through the sins of their leaders and citizens who know not God; they will destroy themselves and the nations by their demonic sins and laws, keeping any form of God out of the conversation and out of their hearts.

 The coming weather patterns and earthquakes and disasters and wars are not from God at all, He only said these things would happen. They are from Satan who is hell bent on destroying mankind whom he hates because God created us and He hates God. Perilous times are here and coming stronger everyday and every year, but those perilous times are caused by the devil that is given authority by sinful men. Satan has no authority over believers unless it is given, but he has power over nations and people who love sin and know not God. Deceived multitudes of billions who have no hope without Jesus are controlled by their own deeds of ungodliness. Malcontents and grumblers, loud-mouthed boasters showing favoritism to gain advantage, following their own sinful lusts and desires. Scoffers causing division, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit following their own ungodly passions. These are the ones who will bring nations down and corrupt the people. But for us believers, we know Jesus has overcome the world and we win in the end. Never say in your heart God is judging us as a nation, He is not mad at us because of Jesus, and He will direct our paths as we trust in Him. God’s wrath is coming and soon but for the wicked and unbelievers upon the earth.

Now hear this; the coming six seals broken open by the Lamb of God in Revelation are not God’s judgments, they are the wrath of Satan upon mankind because he knows his time is short. The four horses that cause war, famine, death, martyrdom and physical disturbances are NOT OF GOD, our God does not do these things to us and we will be here. The rapture is in the middle of the tribulation AFTER the man of sin is revealed( 2Thess2-4), then after we are gone comes the wrath of God to mankind including the Bowl’s and Trumpets. So get ready for terrible times as the word says to occupy until Jesus comes. Prepare for the worst and know we have the best yet to come.

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power. After making purification for sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on High. (Heb 1:3).” Today is the day of salvation, give your life to Jesus today and He will show you great and mighty things………





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