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False Conversions; the Reason for Failure

So many people of my baby boomer generation have failed at living a life of a true disciple of Christ and walking in honest Christianity, it boggles the mind knowing that so many failed in their attempt to find God. Included in that group is yours truly, until I finally figured it out for myself with the urging of the Holy Spirit and God’s wonderful grace and sincere study of the bible.

Like so many youth, most want to sow their wild oats and their whole attention is given to their education and job and future with little regard for walking in the direction that God had planned for our lives. Today it’s even much worse than my days of growing up. Statistics prove that those who have attended church growing up, over 92% walk away from God in their twenties and go their own way. Those attending a state college or university the number reach something close to 98%. What does that say about our Churches and leaders? What it says is that the true gospel of Jesus Christ was not taught and another false gospel of prosperity and the feel good gospel (come to Jesus and everything will be alright) was and is being taught from the pulpits across our land. Or perhaps religions of rules and ordnances which can never be obtained keeping people under bondage causing them to just plain give up. A gospel of false grace teaching people just do whatever you want, without the deep true repentance from the heart.

There is no question that our lack of knowledge destroys us and letting our ears be tickled with the feel good gospel or the prosperity gospel soaking in all the lies of pastors instead of studying and checking out the bible to see if these things are true, has doomed thousands perhaps millions to a false feeling of salvation. You know there is a reason that Jesus will say “Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles? And then I will declare to them, “I never knew you: depart from Me, you who Practice lawlessness.” I’m sure many don’t want to hear this, but eternity awaits you and you better examine yourself to see if you name is written in the book of life.

Millions have gone to crusades and churches and walked down the aisle and made a confession of Jesus Christ without any form of repentance from their heart first. Millions have been led to believe that Christianity doesn’t cost you anything, even though Jesus said count the cost and unless we pick up our cross and follow Him daily, we are not worthy of His kingdom. It costs you something to know Jesus and live it in life. It might cost you persecution at your job or home or from members of your own family. It may cost you your ego and the embarrassment of not joining the crowd and being looked at like your some kind of bible banger. If you are seriously embarrassed about confessing Jesus in Public or to friends or family or cower when you should speak up about Jesus, then there are serious doubts if you are even born again! Examine yourself and count the cost and get the heart of a Lion and be the witness God expects you to be! Many of those who had a false conversion go right back to their sins before the false conversion took place. Are you still living in sin? Are you still doing the same things you did before? If you are, why? Perhaps you were never really born again and saved.

Millions have been led to belief that doing things for God saves them. Many believe that if they are baptized they are saved. Millions struggle to live right by the rules of their church and fail miserably in their personal life because they have been taught a false religion of living by the law, not grace, living by the spirit of religion which leads to bondage and failure.  And millions have personally just given up because they just can’t do it. They have given up on God, given up on churches, given up on salvation because in their minds they are just not worthy and they just can’t live as they are expected to. If you’re in this place right now, that’s a good thing because now you know it’s impossible and now you can let go of yourself and let God do a work in you, finally!

In a nutshell, the simple true gospel of salvation is this. God gave man the Old Testament (the first covenant) and the ten commandants to show men and women that it is impossible to live by the law. No one can do it, that’s the point! We are all sinful and sin and were born in sin. There is none righteous, not one, so take your eyes off any human or pastor or any person for that matter. If you break just one of the Ten Commandants you are guilty of all the bible says. Have you ever lied? Yes you have, so you have broken the law of God. Have you ever looked on someone and lusted after them? Yes you have, so in your heart you committed adultery in your heart and have broken the entire law of God. So if God is pure and holy and just what should your punishment be? Hell of course, you are condemned to the lake of fire at the end of your life. But what if someone could take your place and give you eternal life in heaven to live forever with God? That is exactly what Jesus did! God so loves us that He gave His only begotten Son for us, and who ever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life!

Who cares where you have been or done in your life? God cares. He is not willing for anyone to be lost, but it’s totally up to you. No matter how you have blown it; no matter what your sins have been, Jesus died once for you and for all for the whole world! How many of humanities future sins did Jesus die for? All of them! All of your sins were in the future when Jesus shed His blood on the cross for your sins. All of your sins past and current and future were paid for by Jesus. If all sins were not paid for then no one could enter heaven because sin cannot enter the kingdom of God! Your spirit is sealed by the Holy Spirit for the day of redemption says Ephesians 4:30, what a wonderful thing. It’s our flesh and the world and the devil that we have to overcome. And Jesus said take heart, I have overcome the world. Jesus defeated Satan and he is able to bring you home into His kingdom. The devil is already a defeated foe, and can do nothing to you that you don’t allow by your sin or deception. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, period!

So if Jesus said you must be born again, how does that happen? How can you be saved? Trust in Him! Repent of your sins! Confess Him as Lord! Live for Him from now on, forget your past mistakes and sins! How do you do this and know it is real? Bow you head and pray from your heart with all your heart, “Father, I have sinned so much in my life and I am so sorry I have not lived for you. I ask forgiveness of my sins and I believe Jesus died for me and rose again and paid the penalty for my sins. I know Jesus is the Messiah and your Son and is Lord. I give you my whole heart, my whole life, do what you will with me and guide me. Please Jesus, come into my heart and life and live in me and save me. Holy Spirit, you are welcome and I ask you to fill me with the power of God from on high. Thank you God for loving me so much and not giving up on me. Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to die for me. Amen”

If you meant it with your whole heart and mind, then, you are now saved and born again. You should feel a lifting of sin and burdens you’ve been carrying. Now do what Jesus commanded and get baptized and tell others of God’s grace and mercy. Expect miracles in your life trust in Jesus everyday and do not be ashamed to call Him Lord and King of Kings. Jesus said whoever confesses me before men I will confess before my father who is in heaven. What a wonderful joy that will be……….

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