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Baptized Pagans, Christian labels and back to basics. 
There are over 335,000 Protestant churches and approximately 18,500 parishes of the Catholic Church in America. Sadly, approximately 50% of these churches do not preach or teach that the Bible is the word of God to mankind written by Holy men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, the actual Word of God and follow it. 
One can no longer believe someone when they say they are Christian. That phrase is becoming meaningless. The reason is, they are Christian in name only and are so far away from God and in the world, no one could recognize them as followers of Jesus. Christ. Millions of people who go to church, pay their tithes and even get baptized, live in sin; many in secret sins like pornography and adultery and great numbers who no more follow Jesus and His teaches than the worst pagan. 
Jesus commands us to follow Him, not the World and its lust. It escapes their notice that without holiness, no one will see the kingdom of God. Holiness is simply living right the best you know how following the commandments of Jesus and Loving God and your neighbor.

These baptized pagans are exactly that, just baptized pagans. Instead of standing up for the gospel, they compromise at every turn because they are cowards and fear man instead of fearing God who is able to cast their souls into hell. Compromising on the Holy Scripture and the teachings. 
Deceived and delusional actually believing the lies they tell themselves. They think they are a Christian and are going to heaven even though they live a comprising life and compromise on biblical issues such as abortion and same sex marriage. It’s not surprising because they don’t know God at all and don’t have a personal relationship with the Creator. They seek the approval of society and man rather than having the guts to take a stand for the gospel. 
Now it’s true we all struggle against the devil, this world and our flesh and we all sin, but the difference is willfully sinning and never repenting and stopping the willful sinning in our lives. The saddest thing ever will be judgment day when they are told to depart to the lake of fire for eternity because Jesus never knew them. Our Holy God who loves us all and gave us a way out through Jesus, gave us the plan, the escape from eternal damnation. And not only that but loves us so much He is creating a new heaven and a new earth and will come to live and dwell among us because of His great love. 
If your a true follower of Jesus and a real true Christian you see the separation starting now. The wheat (believers) and the chaff (the world apostate church) are beginning to be separated. Half of the churches are now apostate including many mega churches, who have comprising pastors who care only for growth and money and never preach against sin and for holiness. Preaching the prosperity gospel and preaching what people want to hear. Don’t give them Revelation or show them anything negative. These churches are Places where the Spirit of God left along time ago. The gospel is suppose to be preached with signs following. Where are the signs and miracles in today’s churches? These signs shall follow them that believe Mark:16:17-18. 
If there is anytime to get closer to God it’s now. We have to really make a concerted strong effort to pray and get into the Bible everyday. 70% of Christians have never even read the bible through from cover to cover. Is it any wonder why people are so deceived? We have to prepare for the coming perilous times by studying up and reading the word daily. The Holy Spirit speaks to you through the word of God. The word is alive, not a dead book! The Majority of the church is asleep and will get a rude awaking when things ” pop” and horrible times arrive. For years many have warned of the coming perilous times. The mission of the watchmen on the walls who have been warning for years is almost complete. Warning after warning to America and other nations have gone forth for years, but America refuses to repent and turn back to faith in God as a nation. The warnings are coming to a close and soon all hell will break lose across the globe. 
Get ready now, call out to Jesus and stay close to him..the end of the age is at hand….prepare for persecution…make up your mind and heart now that regardless of what happens you will not compromise and even be willing to lay down your life if it comes to that. The time for playing church is over, don’t be a baptized pagan….

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