Baby Boomers Religion

Any Christian worth their salt knowing Bible prophecy knows a “One World” government is the goal of the Cabal running the government from behind the scenes. And of course that is Satan’s plan as well and he controls the cabal, whether they know it or not, but most do know. Anyone who thinks for themselves and is not controlled by this cabal of money donors, politicians, liberals and the main stream media is a real threat to this global One world system of control. This new world order and establishment has and is spending millions upon millions of dollars to take Trump down. When the Pope, two Mexican presidents, Japan, China and Islamic Muslim leaders of the Middle East chime in on an American electoral presidential campaign, you know he is a real threat to the “new world one world government.” When the worlds financial elite meet in Switzerland in secret agenda’s to come together to come up with a plan to destroy Trump, saying they are afraid of Donald Trump; that alone should be good enough for anyone with an ounce of discernment to back Trump. Add in world leaders calling Hillary Clinton to stop Trump and the evidence is overwhelming he IS the man to put in office.
They label him a racist because of his stance on immigration. They call him names because there is no valid argument against it or secure borders. Because he wants to stop the flow of Muslims who want to kill us, he is called Hitler or a fascist not even knowing what the word means due to their dumbed down education in American schools and Universities. We stand on the brink of a one world system, of government, of money and religion and the rise of the antichrist and Trump is the only one who can give us a reprieve although if only a short time. The GOP wants a brokered convention to steal away the people’s choice and put in their puppet or control the president. They really don’t want Cruz, but anything is better than Trump to them because they will lose control.
And as for Cruz, he is a bonified globalist. Just because he says he’s a Christian doesn’t mean he will act like one as President. He wrote a paper supporting the North American Union Trade agreement that has failed and taken thousands of jobs and billions of dollars away from American’s. He was for amnesty and open borders, now he isn’t. He’s for the TTP which will give other nations control of our trade and box out out farmers and manufactures from price cutting Asian nations. It will be a disaster for America. His wife was part of “The Council of Foreign Relations” which is an arm of the new world order and Goldman Sach’s are the money changers. Cruz claims to be a Christian, but yet gave only 1% of his earnings to charity. He brought in Neal Bush who was a main player in the failed savings and loans scandal and was hoping for a nomination to the Supreme Court under Bush. Cruz can quote the constitution almost word for word, but yet has accomplished nothing. No one will work with him in Washington. My opinion is he is a snake in the grass and will say and compromise on anything to get elected.
As for the democrats, Hillary should be in prison and is a ruthless evil woman if all the notes are true. Bernie is a 74 year old washed out hippy who never even worked until he was forty. He has accomplished nothing as a Senator, nothing. His social agenda is really a communist agenda and would be a disaster for America. Freebie and more freebie’s with no way to pay. Free college when we are trillions in debt, never to get out as a nation.
So this is a free country with freedom of speech (at least for now) and anyone can express their option and vote for whomever they want. Christians attacking other Christians is sinful and irresponsible, no where does it state a Christian must be president, it is the nation of people who must turn to God. And the left attacking Trump (add in the republican establishment) is disgraceful in the land of the free and home of the brave. Trump has faults, but at least they are out in the open and not hidden behind the dark closed smoke filled doors of Hippocrates who could be very well deceiving you….

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