Baby Boomers Religion

California, United States
I am a great example of God’s grace and forgiveness.
For there are not many who were greater sinners than me and yet in His love and
mercy God has restored life to me through the blood of Jesus Christ. A preachers
son and attending a Christian College with a major in Bible, I began to search
and study on my own and found out that almost all the things I had been taught
and learned growing up were just traditions of the denomination. My background
is really bad at some points in my life, even after coming to know Jesus as my
savior. Divorces, drugs, and sexual immorality were part of my past. Being
faithful for years at a time, then falling back into the world and then coming
back to God was the normal progression for me. That is until after God revealed
to me four major problems in my life that made me fail. Not understanding the
mighty power of the Blood of Jesus, Curses on my life from past generations,
Unforgiveness, and Unbelief. This blog is to tell my story hoping to give real
insight and hope to others of my generation who may have lost their way as I did
and turn and be restored.

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