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God is always with us (how easily we forget in hard times)

Through the trials and tribulations of life we faultier and fail sometimes and forget God’s promises and even struggle to grasp His great love for us through times of trouble. When the storm winds blow in our lives, Jesus is there with us in the mist of those storms, but we have a hard time seeing Him because we’re so self absorbed in our problem at the time sometimes we fail to open our eyes and see Him working. Some storms are violent and we lose someone dear to us and find no expression to relieve the pain of it all. It’s been almost thirty years now since I lost my sixteen year old son and still the pain of that loss raises its ugly head on occasion and I find myself wondering “what if” I had done this or that differently, how would it have turned out? Losing a relationship in marriage has cut deep as the pain of another failure in life smacked me square in the face. Happily remarried for twenty years now, the restoration of love now dwells within my heart. In Vietnam getting wounded twice, once in the head and another in the hip and coming home to recover and live life, I wonder why was I spared when so many of my buddies died and didn’t fly back home alive but in a body bag. I know their loved ones mourned their loss greatly and asked why.
As I ponder the ups and downs of my life I know God had a plan for me just like He does for you. The bible says that the testing of our faith is more precious than gold, for afterward we will reap a crown of life if we don’t shrink back and keep the faith. God gave me more children and now even grandchildren so His plan for me is the plan for my kids and grandkids, to come to know Him and love Him and trust Him through it all. The bible states that “He knows the plans He has for us, not for harm, but to give us a future and a hope.” Our job is simple, but hard, let go of our lives and give our lives to God and no matter what life throws at us we must simply trust Him because He promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. How is that possible? Because when you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and God raised Him from the dead, His Spirit is sent forth into our hearts and we are sealed for the day of redemption so we carry Jesus with us at all times, through the good times and the bad times. Even when we sin God still loves us and His Spirit does not leave us. We grieve the Holy Spirit when we sin, but He is merciful and forgives us our sins when we repent and ask forgiveness.
Gods heart is always for restoration not punishment and His grace through our faith in Him and His word saves us. A righteous man falls seven times but yet gets up and moves on and never quits. This is done by Gods spirit not by our flesh and determination, for we must always surrender daily and let God be God in our lives. Like I said its simple, but hard. Why is it so hard at times? Because the bible says our hearts are desperately wicked and who can know it but God. The solution is to trust Him daily, pray daily and we must renew our mind by reading or hearing Gods word daily to strengthen our faith and to walk before Him humbly doing our best with His help. As my years pass by I am more and more grateful to God for His wonderful love toward me through His Son Jesus. The Spirit of God is the comforter that Jesus sent us and gives us hope and even whispers to us words of wisdom and comfort. Though the storms of life are tough at times Jesus said “take heart, I have overcome the world.” So whether we live or die we are the Lords, his kids whom He loves. When you look around the world and see with eyes wide open the battle between good and evil taking place all over the planet, rest assured none of it has taken God by surprise because “He knows the end from the beginning” and the very hairs of your head are numbered. Trust Him and love Him with all your heart because He cares for you and loves you and is waiting right now for you to give your life to Him…..

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