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God has heard our prayers (written morning of 8/8/2016)

God gives us a 3-4 year reprieve with Trumps shocking win..
The ole saying “it’s never over till it’s over” certainly applies to this 2016 election. Media, pundits, and even his own party going rogue on him could not stop the the deep seeded bitterness towards Obama’s and Hillary’s corrupt and evil government actions and plans to destroy this Republic! Shocking corrupt CNN, MSMBC, CBS, ABC and PBS commentators who undoubtedly wet their pants and crushing the plans of the Elite Globalist to rule the world. It appears their money trains will stop running, at least for the next four years. God has given us a little time, a reprieve of 3-4 years to to call this nation into repentance and a return to God. 
If Trump can complete his agenda as stated, the nation will be on its way back to recovery of all things lost including our world wide dignity and strength. Closing our borders is paramount for our security and peace of mind and the appointment of Supreme Court Judges will turn the evil tide of corruption and allowing sin laws from the highest court in the land. Tax relief will stimulate business and manufacturing and reworking health care will actually provide care that people can actually afford. Building up our military is a must and repeal of the LBJ 501 C3 law restricting pastors and priest from making political statements will catapult Christians and Jews back into the main stream conversation. And one of the biggest changes is repealing all of Obama’s regulations and corrupt executive orders put in place to control the masses. 
The Globalist will not go easy and will fight Trump every step of the way and chaos could eventually ensue by paid off demonstrators and thugs raising hell to try to turn the minds of the public. The evil global economy and ruler called the Antichrist will eventually take over because the bible says so, but for now God is giving his people time to repent and bring in the harvest before the tribulation years begin. If America does not repent and turn this nation back to God, then it will be all down hill from there and the evil will be far greater than at first. ” As in the days of Noah” where the whole world is corrupt and lawless is what it will be like when Jesus returns. 
If backers of Trump just high five each other and then go back to their sins instead of repenting, then there will be no hope but only sudden destruction of America and this land will be ruled by others. Let’s hope Americans who have woke up to the massive corruption in our government won’t forget and get involved so our children and grand children will have a future. Let’s hope all of those who have repented walk in repentance and stay close to God… 

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