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The Stain of Sin

Every sin in our lives leaves a stain. Some stains are very big and some not so big, but none the less the stains are there. Those stains remind us of our failures and things we wish we had never done or didn’t do. The enemy of our souls reminds us continually through out our lives about the stains and try’s to convince us they will never go away, that they are permanent and there is no hope. That of course is a lie from the very pit of hell. 

Everyone at one time or another has spilled something on a carpet, maybe food, a drink or something else. We get soap or cleaner and try to clean it up. Perhaps we steam clean it several times, but somehow the outline of the stain is still there or has changed the texture or color of the carpet. At gatherings at our house maybe a guest spills a drink and we say it’s ok, we’ll clean it up. And many times we use a miracle cleaner and “poof” just like that the stain is gone with no lingering after effects or lines or outline that a stain ever existed. What a relief that is to us ! 

But how many realize that the stain of sin is completely removed by Jesus? He not only forgives us our sins when we confess them from our hearts but he removes the stain of those sins and remembers them no more! How wonderful is the verses in the bible that state “as far as the east is from the west” He will remove our sins. And how about “though your sins are like crimson they shall be as white as snow” Crimson is the deepest darkest red on the planet, yet Jesus says if you will pray and believe Him, He will wipe them all away, changing Crimson to White as snow and there’s nothing whiter than white snow. He also mentions “I will remember them no more”, wow what a blessing and what kind of loving God do we serve? A God that loves us so intently, so mercifully, His grace saves us through faith in His only begotten Son who laid down His life willingly for us. The bible says “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” in God’s merciful plan of the ages, Jeaus shed His blood which washes away all of our sin and removes the stains those sins caused. Therefore  we are born again by His Spirit and become brand new. Imagine “all things are passed away and all things become new, how awesome is that? 

Even so we sometimes fail and sin but because the old sins have been removed and the old stains are gone we can we can “come boldly to Gods throne of grace in times of need.” If God ask us to forgive others seventy times seven or four hundred and ninety times for the same thing, don’t you know He will forgive you the same amount of times if you get up and don’t give up and keep trying? Those old sins are gone and so are the stains so keep looking up to Jesus and know how much He loves you…..

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