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There’s Sin In The Camp 
What camp is that, whose camp? What do you mean? What sin, whose sin, my sin? Please explain yourself, converse please. 
Ok, ok let’s talk about this, maybe we should bring it all out in the open how sin in the camp has destroyed the nation and culture and why your such a mess. 
Who’s a mess, you mean I’m a mess? What makes you think I’m a mess? Who’s been talking to you, friends, neighbors? I bet it was family or perhaps someone from work. Surely not from other Christians or my church, I rarely go and hardly know anyone, besides I always put on my smiley face in front of others; you know, to fit in and sorta play the game. 
So, this is all about fitting in and playing the game? Fitting in with who and what game exactly is that? 
Come on now, you know everything is about fitting in and playing the game; the game of life we all play and being good tolerant people to everyone. 
Well I see what your saying, but I’m sure not everyone plays the game of life like you do; maybe the majority, but who likes being in the majority? I would rather feel special and in a class of people who are so unique that they definitely stand out in the crowd. To most they are a little peculiar I guess. But still, there has been and is sin in the camp. 
What is this sin in the camp business you keep talking about? Are you saying I’m sinning in my camp? And what is my camp anyway? 
I saying that many many Christians who at least call themselves Christians are hiding many sins and have for some time and have let the love of the world, the lust of the eyes and money drag them away from God like a like a Cowboy ropes a calf and ties him up. The calf has no idea what just happened and is bound and can’t move until it’s released, but that release may never come. 
I get the feeling your trying to judge me here, after all I’ve been through, which you have no idea of, maybe I’m entitled to hide a little and just try to go along with the flow. 
No, not really, but I am concerned about your soul you see, God has recently spoke to me and many others about the sin in the camp and true Christians need to repent and fast and return to Him with all their hearts while there is still some time left, although time is getting very short. You see, it’s so obvious that the troubles and immorality in the land is because the believers, not the world have allowed sin in the camp. 
Really? Are you saying it’s the Christians fault things are like they are? What sins are in the camp? 
The sins of the heart that have not been confessed to others and God. All sin begins in the heart, all sin; no matter the degree. That’s why God says to guard your heart for it is desperately wicked.
Your suppose to confess your sins to others and not just to God? How embarrassing. Not me, I’m not telling anyone my sins. 
The word says to confess your sins one to another and pray you one to another that you might be healed. Obviously, you don’t go around telling all your sins to everyone, but a close brother or sister in the Lord or your Pastor or Priest or leaders can lift that black cloud off your back and set you free. There is a catch though, you must first forgive others so that you can be forgiven. By the way, you did admit you have some hidden sin, that’s the first step; admitting your a sinner, even if your saved and born again. We all sin, but God is calling us all to live holy and return to loving Him like we did when we first met Him. It’s a choice you know. 
Yea, I know your right, it’s just that I have done so many bad things and sinned so much; I don’t know if God will forgive me and restore my faith in Him and myself to live a righteous life. There are sins I have hidden for a long period of time. 
Listen, those sins are only hidden to your family and friends and neighbors; nothing and I mean nothing is hidden from God. You can run from Him, but you cannot hide. So actually, what’s the point of running or trying to hide from God? Your only fooling yourself or did you forget He said “every idle word you speak will come out at judgment time?” Come back and return and follow Him, He will forgive you or why else would He say ” if MY people will repent, humble themselves and pray I will forgive their sins and heal their land” 
Yes God does say that, I do remember that verse. I don’t feel right inside anymore, I’m anxious and depressed a lot because I know I’m far away from God and not living right.
Well, there’s no time like the present, even today, even now just believe and repent and confess your sins to God and tell Him your sorry for being away from Him for so long and you want to come home. Go ahead, tell Him, He will hear you and get that sin out of the camp….

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