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Fear not neither be discouraged

Crisis everywhere around the word seems to be the current theme in the news and all social media platforms. Millions and millions in the valley of decision on what to do, how to act and how to survive daily life.

In the U.S. election turmoil reigns about who actually won and how much corruption is embedded in the voting machines not to mention all the last minute law changes and mail in ballots. Evidence of widespread improprieties exist everywhere. Only time will tell what the final outcome will be.

COVID 19 rages across the planet and the WHO and leaders in every country demand a prolific lock down of society even with a 98 to99% survival rate far better than the flu. And speaking of the flu, it has mysteriously disappeared off the charts. Deaths numbers are skewed to say they died of COVID when in actuality they died of prior issues and may have had COVID show up in their system. The numbers lie and it seems the entire scenario is to scare the public into obedience. Businesses closing down, lost jobs by the thousands and schools closed. Mental stress from staying home is causing horrific problems including suicide abuse and many many other problems. Wearing mask is no longer not an option despite several studies showing they do nothing to stop the spread and data charts from states and countries show actually not wearing mask is actually better for ones health. Again nothing but control from governments training the sheep to obey.

Is COVID real ? Absolutely, but again all the data on deaths shows it’s much less fatal than the flu. What your looking at is a worldwide takeover of societies using COVID as the excuse for the lockdowns. Families are being torn apart, cities and states being shut down and nations of the world go into bankruptcy and starvation with riots popping up everywhere. The new world order is being setup for the antichrist to appear.

So what’s the solution to all of this? Beyond anything else is knowing that you are born again by the blood of Jesus and you have given your life to God thus canceling out the fear of death. Then you can have peace in the mist of all the trouble knowing this earth is not your home and your only passing through. For us believers death is not the end but the beginning of living forever in the kingdom of heaven with God the Father and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Still we have to endure here in earth throughout all the troubles so using your faith is absolutely a must as Jesus said “ occupy until I come“ and He is returning to gather up His sheep from the four corners of the earth. We’re in the beginning of sorrows but the end is not yet.

But you say I’m such a sinner you have no idea what I’ve done, no I don’t but what I do know is God loves us and the price has been paid, the blood has been shed and all those who repent and confess Jesus will be saved. When the gospel of the kingdom has been preached in all the world Then the end shall come. In the meantime hang in there, keep the faith and remember this one thing: Jesus sits at the right hand of the father always making intercession for us…

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