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Why Jesus Is The Only Way to God

Today, in 2011, Christians need to be
knowledgeable and willing to give an account for the hope that is in you by
explaining why Jesus is the Only Way to God. Satan has blinded millions by
telling them there are many ways to God and Jesus isn’t the only way. The very idea of the leaders of the major
religions of the world being dead doesn’t seem to bother their followers. Buddha
is dead, Confucius is dead, Mohammed is dead, Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science
founder) is dead, Gandhi is dead and numerous Dali Lama’s have died.
Christianity is the only religion that believes its leader is alive, that being
Jesus Christ and Christianity is the only religion that believes that God became
man and came in the flesh.
why is Jesus the only way to God? It’s really pretty simple, and this is what
you should answer. There had to be a
sacrifice for man’s sin to redeem man, and that sacrifice had to be God’s own
bloodshed for mankind in the form of His Son Jesus Christ.
Man is very
sinful and when man gave up all rights in the Garden of Eden to Satan including
death and hell, Satan became the ruler of this world and then had the authority
to destroy man, breaking man’s covenant with God and sending man to hell. There
became no hope to reach God without blood sacrifice. Buddha couldn’t be the
sacrifice, Confucius couldn’t be the sacrifice, Mohammed could not be the
sacrifice and Mary Baker Eddy certainly couldn’t be the sacrifice. Only Gods own
Son could be the sacrifice, the part of God Himself, the second part of the
Trinity.” Without the shedding of
blood there can be no forgiveness.”
Look, if “sin entered into the world by one man
(Adam) and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all
sinned.”(Romans 5:12). “So then as through one transgression there resulted
condemnation to all men, even so through one-act of righteousness (Jesus
Shedding His blood on the cross) there resulted justification of life to all
men.”(Romans 5:18).  God was not caught
off guard by Adam and Eve sinning in the Garden, God knew this would happen and
already had a plan for mankind. God knew the end before the beginning! Why do
you think God sent the Ten Commandants to mankind? So they would know they are
sinners and secondly, so they would know there is no way man can live by the
laws. That’s why God set up the Temple and rules for animal sacrifice and the
Priest would lay hands on the goat, (therefore the term scapegoat) and pray for
the sins of the people, looking forward to Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God. But
now Jesus died once and for all and sprinkled His blood in the Temple in heaven
to rescue man and pay the price that the Father required for the forgiveness of
sin. By the obedience of Christ, the many will be made righteous. Where sin
increased, grace abounded all the more.
All mankind has to do is believe that Jesus paid
the price for our sins, and that all the wrath of God meant for mankind was
satisfied on the cross of Calvary by Jesus, His only begotten Son. No other
religion can claim any redemption by obeying some kind of rules or laws. You
can’t be saved by doing works of any kind. Salvation is a free gift of God! It’s
by grace you are saved through faith, and even that is not of our own doing.
Why? Because God gives the grace to us in the first place and He gives a measure
of faith to all mankind, so nothing is from us, the only thing we must do is
believe that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead and confess it with
our voice or mouth. And God will send another comforter, the Spirit of Truth,
the Holy Spirit to help you and give you strength and guide you into all truth
and anoint you and seal you for that day of
How could anyone worship an idol, a thing made by
the hands of man? How could anyone believe a religion that states it’s ok to
kill others for some sick demonic holy war and believe a false religion that was
started 600 years after Christ? How could anyone believe that cute little quotes
on being wise and living and some fortune cookie could actually save them or get
them closer to God? How could anyone think for one minute that science of the
mind over matter is the way to God? And how could anyone think there are
hundreds of gods, forbid to eat meat while millions starve and think that it
good to come back as a cow or some other animal, make images to worship and give
food too some shrine that rots or birds eat and burn incense and bow down in
religious mockery, thinking they are doing something grand? People perish for a
lack of knowledge God says. And Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy the
hearts and minds and bodies of humans. How could anyone get sucked up into New
Age, Unitarian or the hundreds of false religions of the world that deny
the Jesus is the Son of God? The main reason is because they did not seek God
with all their hearts or they find something that satisfies their sin and
lifestyle. They want their ears tickled and be part of a social gospel, they do
not love the truth and they will be lost sadly.

Why is Jesus Christ the ONLY WAY to salvation and
God? Because someone had to be a pure
and sinless and holy acceptable sacrifice to God the Father, shedding their own
blood and be God in the flesh of man as Jesus was and He arose from the dead and
is alive today. He defeated death and hell and the grave, no one or no religion
could have done that but Jesus. “O Death where is your victory? O Death where is
your sting?”(I Cor.15:55)

  “And there is salvation in no one else; for
there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we
must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) Mohammed doesn’t love you, Buddha doesn’t love you,
Confucius doesn’t love you, Gandhi doesn’t love you, they are all dead and could
not pay the price for your sins. But God loves you and Jesus loves you and God
will help you in this evil world. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, give
your heart to Him and you will see……

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