Baby Boomers Religion

Science has long studied how mankind can live longer even to the point of trying to find out why humans even age. Science fiction movies like Frankenstein put cadaver parts together and with lightening from an electrical storm, jolted the piecemeal body to life. Fiction of course, but today in the 21st Century a new evil thought has entered the minds of the wicked, that being transhumanism, merging humans and machines to supposedly live forever with the consciousness of the soul of a man with an unaging piece of robotic metal. Again fiction, but the robots advance to lifelike human activity and with virtual reality and imagination, almost unlimited reality can be experienced, still no living forever, only pretends of actual life. Now factories churn out love doll robots selling so fast they can barely keep up with the orders. Humans have now stooped so low as to have sex with rubberized robots using AI to talk dirty with bodies so perfect it boggles the mind. Interaction with real people is slowly fading away in this evil world of make believe. Still no one lives forever and those practicing such debauchery die and their body goes back to dust and their soul winds up in hell.

Rumors are the Elite rich are trying their best to find ways to live forever even to the point of blood transfusions from young people or children to give them renewed vitality and a longer lifespan. Now you know why so much human trafficking exists all around the world. Many of these same demon possessed people worship Lucifer who promises them fame and fortune and a very long life. Still they die and they take nothing with them except the evil works they participated in while on earth as they burn in the lake of fire for eternity.

On the other hand God says you can know that you have everlasting life. He says if you believe in me you will never die because your spirit doesn’t die and will be resurrected into a new immortal perfect body that can never die. So what’s the catch you may say. There is no catch only faith in the only one you should fear, the one that can cast your soul into hell, fear Him. Whether you realize it or not God loves you so much He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall not perish but have eternal life. No matter how bad you may have been or how sinful you may have lived there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ. His blood wipes the slate clean so when you stand before Him on judgment day you will be clean because you are forgiven of every rotten sin you’ve ever committed and you name is written in the book of life. Then you will live forever and ever on a new earth with a new heaven where no sin exist or ever could. You may still struggle in this life but this is no longer your home. What will you say after being there 10,000 years? That Jesus bought you with His own blood and forgave all your sins and you’ll forever be His …

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