Baby Boomers Religion

Woke up today and 356 fires are burning across California, 23 are major fires, ashes falling like a light snow and everything is covered in tiny ashes. Another hot day of 105 and triple digits for the last week and more in store for the coming week. California is reaping what it has sowed and the chickens have come home to roost. Still people refuse to repent of their wicked ways, most laugh it off not realizing the terrible future that awaits them if they don’t repent. Most have dead spirits and totally out of touch with God. How did California and America become so wicked in such a short time? The answer of course lies in several facts:

In the sixties prayer was stopped in public schools, I know you’ve heard this before but this became a turning point for America. Little by little schools and families started turning away from God and they no longer gave Him first place in their lives. Then Roe vs Wade became the law of the land under a corrupt Supreme Court and murdering innocent children became the norm bringing us to today where babies born can be killed outside womb and their organs sold for millions. The evil is never satisfied as human trafficking in which an estimated 40 million are abducted and sold around the world every year but it’s not only for sex but satanic murder and worship of Lucifer. This pedophilia game goes to the top of our society, especially in Hollywood and is rampant in the music industry. It includes congressmen and women and senators for both parties and evil in high places throughout every facet of government and military as well. The evil is never satisfied. Some Religions and so called leaders are also contributing to the trafficking.

From grade school to high schools and especially universities anything goes and students are slowly programmed to love sin and sexual immorality and hate the the government and anything that stands for righteousness. Churches are now being burned and there is an uncanny hatred of Christians. Now we have riots and police hatred and anarchy in the streets. Criminals let out of prisons with crime now skyrocketing and getting worse everyday. These children raised by sinful parents are now grown and doing their damage and it’s only just beginning. The wages of sin is death and America is starting to pay up. Does God cause all this chaos and destruction? Heavens No, but sin unrestrained opens every door for evil to reign as the public stands by and does nothing because of fear. What your seeing is our own fault and is caused by raising generations of snowflakes, unruly self centered, spoiled brats whose only goal in life is the pleasures of life with a mountain of self pity and jealousy of those who have more than they do. Be rich or die is the new call to arms. Think of it; homosexual transvestites reading books a to children at public libraries while the parents smile and applaud. Public displays of perversion and nudity in parades in cities with children watching along side their parents as if they were watching a Macy’s parade on New Year’s Day. Just think of it and ask yourself why you didn’t complain or do anything about it. It is what it is? That’s just the way things are now? No that’s a cop out for turning your head and saying or doing nothing. Some have tried I’m sure but society as a whole has just stood by and let it happen and then wonder why things are so bad. If you don’t call this the great falling away the Bible speaks of then what is the great falling away? It’s falling away from God and righteousness and all that is good.

Still God has always kept a remnant are you in that remnant? Let’s hope so. Finally repent and pray for American and it’s people, pray for our children and grandchildren, pray for our schools and universities and police and armed forces. Pray for Godly leaders to rise up in churches and government and pray for your own family everyday because the times are wicked. God didn’t cause the fires burning in California, the people did. May God have mercy on us one more time and turn America around to serve a mighty and forgiving God….

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