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Your Freedoms are stealthy being taken away

Your Freedoms are stealthy being taken away.

Your losing your freedoms as they are being stealthy taken away beginning in California by wicked evil people that are changing laws to shut up any conversations and any discussions that they don’t agree with, especially any Christian beliefs. If The California senate passes the current bill just passed by the state house, the governor will sign it and it will become law. The bill is assembly bill 2943 and makes it a crime to council anyone who even ask for counseling in regard to homosexuality or other gay lifestyle. No books, no speech, no conferences and no Priest or Pastor or Rabbi and get this, no Muslim Cleric can preach against homosexuality or try to convince them to change their lifestyle. School books are already being marketed to endorse the homosexual lifestyle as normal and little children as young as six are being told they can choose if they want to be a man or a woman or both or neither. They can even be both. No moral boundaries of any kind. This of course plays right directly into pedophilia and human trafficking and all sorts of abuse. Public teachers have been duped into teaching the agenda and “Common Core” the globalist agenda for dumbing down society while parents are asleep and not involved in their children’s education.

But back to this assembly bill 2943. If you live in California you need to email or call your Senator before the vote on Thursday. The bill is written so badly it could include anything and everything to shut down free speech to the point your pastors and priest will not even be able to preach biblical verses and truths in the four walls of your building. Fully enforced, this law would ban the sale of Bibles in California.  Moreover, this law is a gateway law—it will lead to even more laws that persecute Christian faith. And look out, it will eventually cross America in time.

People say you can’t legislate morality, but this is legislating immorality. This is the result of apathy of Americans and now allowing the LGBQT community to Bully Christians and all other moral citizens into a Politically Correct agenda led by the Immoral State Senators and Congressmen and women. If people choose a gay lifestyle that’s on them, but they have no right to shut down free speech of others to speak their minds and beliefs. This was a free country but now???

Use this link to find your Senator and email or call them this week.


Believers at their wits end…

Believers at their wits end……

Psalm 107:27 reads “They reeled and staggered like a drunken man, and were at their wits end; then they cried to the Lord in their trouble and he brought them out of their distresses (28).”

Clearly today in America, believers are at their wits end seeing all that is transpiring in this once great nation. Revelations and scandals are so far beyond anything we have ever witnessed. They are coming so fast and frequent that people begin to just go numb and begin to shut down. All through the bible and especially in Daniel, the strategy of the devil is to try to wear out the saints and believers. This has been an effective strategy throughout history, but now is not the time to give up or shut down. Our basic liberties are in very serious jeopardy.

The revelation NSA has the capacity to monitor and store all phone calls, emails, text messages, social network post and virtually all communications in America is so shocking, it’s actually hard to believe our own government would move in a totalitarian direction. No matter how noble they claim their intentions are; there is a tremendous growing mountain of evidence to the contrary. The IRS scandal using their fearful name and department to harass and silence the political opposition of the Obama administration is a thousand times worse than the Watergate scandal of the Nixon years,  yet the cover-up and far left media continue to deny and lie and use false reporting to cover-up the cover-up. Evidence is surfacing that the DOJ, EPA and other agencies were also used for the same purpose.

The current Administration has also illegally seized the communications of journalists who were probing leads on corrupt or illegal activities of this Administration. The cover-up of all the lies about Benghazi makes it clear that something extremely important is being hidden from the American people. Even many in the Democratic Party are finally waking up and realize their future is in jeopardy by what is unfolding with all the scandals. The lack of a standard foreign policy that is transparent and continuous non-decisions by Obama and his administration is mind blowing. Focusing on gun control while scandals rage and lies continue to cover-up. By far the weakest president in American History is by-passing the constitution to do an end run around congress when he doesn’t get his way. The evil in high places taking place is unimaginable.

Regardless of personal consequences, we need to seek the truth and without compromise. This Federal overreach is unprecedented and states are somewhat to blame for giving up their rights under the Constitution to the Federal Government. Perhaps the most important leadership must come from the state level, especially Governors and State Attorney Generals. These could be the most important positions in the unfolding battle for our freedom. Believers need to blog, write, and use social media to defend the Constitution and wake up Americans. To get engaged is to go to town hall meetings, write or email you elected officials often and have some courage in your heart.

We know we must live by faith and not by fear. When the odds seem impossible, that is when the greatest miracles have taken place. What happen when they were at their wits end? They cried out to the Lord in their trouble and He saved them out of their distresses. The moral is approaching rock bottom in America and the morals have declined almost to the point of no return, but there are believers still who love God and know Jesus as their Savior and Lord. God will not forsake us as individuals, and the gates of hell will not overcome the church of believers upon the earth no matter what it looks like in the natural. Pray for this nation; pray for our leaders so that there may be peace in our lives and the lives of our children and grand children. And don’t forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem……..





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